Based on Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Store name   ALLU
Operating company   Valuence Japan Inc.
Operating director   Kazuya Fujii
Location   Shinagawa Season Terrace 28F, 1-2-70 Konan, Minato-ku, 〒108-0075, Tokyo, JAPAN
Phone number   0120-778-407
Business hours   11:00~17:00  ( Japan Standard Time )
E-mail address
Store URL
Sales price   JPY
Payment   ・Paypal
Costs other than the price of products   ・Shipping fee
・Import customs duties
・Service tax
・Clearance fees for import
・Other taxes (VAT etc.)
※Please refer to Notes on Terms of Use for other possible applicable fees.
Method of order   Please make orders from cart page.
Detailed description of goods   Written on each page including name, detail, price etc.
Sales quantity   From one
Shipment    Decided by our company policy. Please refer to On Delivery of Goods on Termes of Use
Date of delivery   Please refer to On Delivery of Goods on Termes of Use
Returns and Defective products  

We shall not accept any of the return of products after the shipment in principle. As a part of our service, we accept the return of the items within 300,000 JPY. Regarding the details of our return policy, please refer to the terms of use. 

Buyer pays for return shipping cost.

If Article 11 on Terms of Use is applicable such as the product you received was different from what you ordered, please contact us.

We will refund the amount of sales price with other fees.

Other terms of sales   We cannot ship the products which cannot export out.
Please refer to Terms of Use for other terms.
Notes   Permission of second-hand shop
Tokyo Metropolitan Public Safety Commission, Permission number: 301102004121
Osaka Metropolitan Public Safety Commission, Permission number: 62112R022004



販売店名   ALLU
運営会社   バリュエンスジャパン株式会社
運営統括責任者   藤井和也
所在地   〒108-0075 東京都港区港南1-2-70 品川シーズンテラス28F
電話番号   0120-778-407
営業時間   11:00~17:00 
販売価格   日本円
お支払方法   ・Paypal
商品代金以外の必要金額   ・配送料
・その他の税 (消費税、付加価値税など)
注文方法   カート画面よりご注文ください。
商品詳細説明   名称、内容、価格など各ページに記載
販売数量   1個より
配送   当社規定により決定されます。詳細については配送についてをご参照ください。
商品引き渡し時期   配送についてをご参照ください。







備考   古物商許可証】

東京都公安委員会 許可番号 第301102004121号 大阪府公安委員会 許可番号 第62112R022004号