The featured items from ALLU WATCH

Spring has come. The cherry blossoms are blooming here.

Here is our store in Ginza – Tokyo.

Today, we talk about some items for Men we featured.
From Watch section on the 2nd floor, we have available a large selection of “ROLEX” which has been attracting a lot of people.
These are “DAYTONA”.

It is one of the best models from among a number of ROLEX lines.
They say that it is hard to come by since DAYTONA are originally manufactured in small quantities.
Each and every one is designed using latest technology and has a distinct unique point.
However, the all ones combine practical and functional.

Probably, there is one of the reasons why people fascinated by DAYTONA.
Styling with simple clothes should be pretty good idea.
Because it has a commanding presence as you see.
Being practical not only but also classy, ROLEX.

We hope that you find one of your favorites in our store.

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